5 Things We Learnt Building BroApp

by Tom on 19th February 2014


1. That it's awkward having to tell your partner you have been trialing BroApp on her for the past 3 months. When James and I first pitched her the idea, she said “any girl will work it out”. She was wrong.

2. Build something that is Press Fit. Being successful is a lot easier if it is awesome to read about. Test this out by telling your friends about your idea: If they absolutely hate it you win, if they love it you win. We had both.

3. Make a video and get a professional to do the voiceover (voices.com). Even if it is crap, put it on your website. No one likes to read what your product is about.

4. Analytics = Data = Value. Get every piece of data you can (mixpanel.com, crashlytics.com).

5. Fork out for user testing (usertesting.com).