10 Events Getting BroApp to Market

by Tom on 20th February 2014

BroApp on the way to market

1. Observe that girlfriend gets annoyed when I am busy and forget to text her.

2. Stumble upon revelatory idea: “how about I automatically message her?”

3. Prototype Built.

4. Prototype sends text to girlfriend while I'm next to her... on her couch.... shit

5. Prototype Improve to look for girlfriend's wifi before sending.

6. Functionality expanded to detect work and home wifi departure and arrival.

7. Test, test, test.

8. Girlfriend sends text “Worst day ever, work sucks”. Moments later prototype sends “Hi babe, how was your day?”.

9. Functionality expanded to not message girlfriend if we have been in contact within the past hour.

10. Test, alpha, beta, success.