Frequently Asked Questions

If you have problems installing, running, or using BroApp, find an annoying bug, or have a feature suggestion please contact us at [email protected]. You can also chat with us directly if we are currently online.

Can I add my own text message?

Yes! The default English messages (Australian english) are meant as a guide. By all means use these pre-written messages, however feel free to write your own! Tap on an existing message to edit it. Tap the + button to add a new message. We encourage all bros to tailor their messages to their own writing style.

What is BroApp?

BroApp is a unique Android app that automatically sends personal messages to your girlfriend.

Where can I get BroApp?

BroApp is available on the Android Play Store here.

Who should get BroApp?

Any Bro looking to enhance their relationship.

What is unique about BroApp?

BroApp is the only mobile app available that's specifically designed to improve your relationship via automated daily text messages. BroApp leverages advanced algorithms to intelligently determine the best time to send a text message to your girlfriend. We spent many man years perfecting the recipe of love communication.

Is there anything else cool about BroApp?

Yes there is, I'm glad you asked. BroApp implements a girlfriend safety lock down. When BroApp detects an inquisitive girlfriend attempting to open BroApp on your phone, it sends that lovely lady to a list of gifts you were “planning to buy” her. Instead of her getting pissed off at your BroApp usage, she will think you're the best boyfriend in the world.

I forgot my passcode!

Not a problem. If you are using an Android phone then simply long press the BroApp logo on the lock screen 3 times to reset your passcode. Alternatively you can “clear the app data” in the Android app drawer.

If you are on an iPhone then visit this link from your device and boom! your passcode will be reset. Alternately, if you enter an incorrect passcode 4 times you'll be prompted to recover your passcode via email.

How is this different to messaging my girlfriend directly?

BroApp is a tool to help Bros out. We know that people are busy and sometimes forget to send enough love to their partners. We invented BroApp so that even if you forget to manually write a message, your love is still communicated. BroApp provides seamless relationship outsourcing.

What's next for BroApp?

We have received such a great response from BroApp users that we are now developing a BroApp variant for the Apple iPhone. We are also moving into other communications niches that are currently under-serviced.

Tell me some statistics showing that BroApp actually works...

Bros in our Beta trial responded with a 99% Bro satisfaction rating and a 3 fold increase Bro happiness. Over the course of the Bro App Beta trial we even saw one marriage proposal.

Why is BroApp requesting permissions to access features on my Android device?

When installing BroApp, the Google Play Store, on behalf of BroApp, will request permission to access information or use features on your Android. All Android applications need certain permissions to run, and BroApp uses these permissions to implements its feature set. Keep in mind that Android controls the way permissions are named, and the way they are named does not always reflect the way BroApp uses them.

We realize that some of these permissions sound scary, so we provide information about how we use them. Below we list all the permissions BroApp requests along with an examples of how we use each one. If you’ve already installed BroApp you can find a list of the permissions we use in your phone’s Application Manager or by visiting the Play Store and clicking Installed.

Android Permission What BroApp uses this permission for
edit your text messages (SMS or MMS) When an Android app sends an automatic SMS on Android versions earlier than KitKat, that sent SMS does not appear in your sent messages (that is, you can’t actually see what was sent when!). This permission allows BroApp to insert all automatically sent girlfriend messages into your sent messages so that you can see what BroApp sent when!
read your text messages (SMS or MMS) and receive text messages (SMS) BroApp will not message your girlfriend if she has recently sent you a message, or you have recently sent her a message. BroApp uses both of these permissions to calculate the length of time since your last girlfriend correspondence.
send SMS messages BroApp uses this permission every time it sends automatic messages to your girlfriend.
read your contacts BroApp uses this permission when it asks you to select your girlfriends number from your contact list.
full network access BroApp uses this permission to check for updated versions and to gather information about program bugs and crashes.
view network connections and view Wi-Fi connections BroApp uses these permissions to detect when you connect to and disconnect from your home, work, and girlfriend’s wifi access points.
run at startup BroApp uses this permission to run itself when your phone reboots (perhaps your phone has run out of battery, or installed a software update).
Google Play license check BroApp uses this permission to checked whether the running version of BroApp was downloaded from the Google Play Store.